dimanche 17 avril 2011

Lesson 12: Comment ça va ?

When you greet somebody it's polite to ask them how they're doing. In order to ask "how are you?" you would use the phrase "comment ça va?, or simply ça va?" You could also say: "comment vas-tu?" or "comment allez-vous?" (depending on whether you're using the formal or informal "you").

Some appropriate responses to the question: comment ça va? would be:

Ca va. (I'm fine)
Je vais bien. (I'm good/I'm doing well)
Je vais très bien. (I'm doing very well)
Je ne vais pas bien. (I'm not doing well)
Je vais mal. (I'm not doing well)
Je vais très mal. (I'm not doing well at all)

After responding to the question comment ça va? you could return the question by saying: et vous? (and you?, formal) or et toi? (informal).

If you want to ask how another person is doing (your friend's mom, for example), you would say: comment va (insert person's name)?

A conversation could look like this:

Bonjour Brigitte.
Bonjour Linda.
Comment ça va?
Je vais bien. Et toi?
Je vais bien aussi.
Comment va ta* maman?
Elle va tres bien, merci.

*ta = your (we'll talk more about possessive pronouns in a later lesson)

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