mardi 19 avril 2011

Lesson 13: Faire

I'm sorry -- I didn't have a lot of time to write a lesson today so I'll leave you with another very irregular verb conjugation: faire (to make/to do). You might be getting sick of verb conjugations but don't worry, there are only a couple very irregular verbs left to learn and then it'll get easier. So...


Je fais
Tu fais
Il/elle/on fait
Nous faisons
Vous faites
Ils/elles font

Examples of sentences with the verb faire:

Je fais un gâteau. (I make a cake.)
Tu fais tes devoirs. (You do your homework.)
Elle fait un dessin. (She does a drawing.)
Ils font du sport. (They do sports.)

Les devoirs = homework
Le dessin = drawing
Le sport = sports

I wanted to mention, if you have any questions about the lessons you can feel free to leave a comment!

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